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Hi, I’m Jeff Hampton and I’m a marijuana marketer.

There. I admitted it.

Until recently, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to let that out.

Honestly, I was afraid of what people might think.

So I only told a few friends. I showed them what I was doing, and they were amazed.

Some of them dropped a few hints…


Still, I kept it quiet.

However, as my presence in this niche grew exponentially, it became harder to keep the secret.

And I soon began to realize that keeping quiet was pointless.

Marijuana is no longer a fringe subject. It’s mainstream.

What finally drove this home for me was a poll that was released a couple of weeks ago by the Pew Research Center.

This poll showed that a majority of all Americans (52%) now favor legalization.


Today, being AGAINST legalization is what’s unusual in the United States.

That’s when I finally decided to “come out.”

Yep, I’ll say it now: I support marijuana legalization, and I promote products in the legal marijuana industry.

Of course, that doesn’t explain why I have decided to share all of my secrets with you.

IN just a moment, I’m going to tell you exactly why I’m now exposing my closely-guarded methods for “killing it” in this niche.

But first I need to shatter some myths that may hold you back.

These are misconceptions that I had when I first considered entering this niche, and I’ll bet that you have some of them, too.


Myth #1: The only way to monetize Marijuana traffic is to become a pot dealer.

When I initially started dabbling in the marijuana niche, my first stop for monetization was Clickbank. I was very disappointed. Virtually nothing. What’s worse is that the products they did have would have been disastrous to promote (I’ll explain why inside.)

So I looked around and found a really great affiliate program for an ebook on growing marijuana. I made quite a few sales. Unfortunately, most pot enthusiasts just aren’t interested in growing, even if they live in a state where it’s legal. Consider how many people you know who drink beer versus how many people you know who brew beer. Same deal.

I needed products with much broader appeal.

bongThen I started looking for physical products to promote. I found quite a few options for promoting stuff like high end glass water pipes and vaporizers, and all kinds of other gear. Great stuff with huge profit potential.

But again, these options lacked universal appeal. Many people need to trust the vendor before they will make a purchase online. And I just didn’t believe that these sites would have a high enough level of trust to have mass appeal.

What’s worse, though, is that not a lot of people want a package from “Bob’s House of Bongs” showing up on their door step or their credit card bill. This was not looking so good.

Then I had a crazy idea.

I went to Amazon.com and searched for “marijuana.”

I was SHOCKED when my search returned over 29,000 results!


Yes, it turns out that Amazon.com is the world’s biggest “head shop.”

There were products ranging from less than $1 to over $10,000. Everything you ever wanted to know about growing pot or cooking with pot or the history of pot. Every piece of clothing imaginable <>emblazoned with pot leaves. And every piece of equipment you would need to set up the highest of high end growing operations.

And they were being sold by the world’s most trusted online retailer. No packages from “Bob’s Bong Shop” on your doorstep. Just the nice friendly Amazon.com box. <>

Problem solved.

But there’s more. How about Adsense-style ads without having to deal with Google? Well believe it or not, there’s an advertising network out there that ONLY carries marijuana industry ads. Unbelievable, yet there they are.

Myth #2 – Forget SEO. No way you are going to get quality links to stick. You might as well be selling black market Viagra.

There are tons of high-authority mainstream sites that will welcome your links. I’m talking about legitimate high Page Rank links that are not only great for SEO, but will also bring you real traffic.Again, you just have to know a couple of little tricks and it’s easy.

Myth #3: There is NO WAY that Facebook or Google or any advertising network is going to let you advertise pot. It’s right there in their Terms of Service.

I admit that Facebook and Google and most ad networks that I’ve dealt with do prohibit such advertising.


Well guess what. I’m running all the ads I want on Facebook. Every one of them features a big pot leaf. And I’ve never had a single marijuana ad declined by Facebook. (I’ve had ads in nearly every other niche declined, but not pot.)

You see, I found a loophole. OK, I will be the first to admit that it annoys the crap out of me when marketers say things like, “We’ll show you how to FORCE Facebook to blah blah blah…” But in this case, it’s the truth. My loophole forces Facebook and Google and the other ad networks I’ve dealt with to run my ads.

Not only are my ads running, they are insanely cheap. On Facebook, I start getting annoyed if my cost per click gets up around 3 cents. Two cents per click is my norm, and I’ve had ads well below 1 cent per click for days at a time.


And that’s not all. I found another network where I received 1.1 million banner impressions for $9.68.

No, I didn’t leave out a zero. Less than 10 bucks for over 1 million banner impressions. These were full size banners on real websites. 100% US traffic. Here’s just one of the many banners I’ve run on this network:


I admit it was not easy to figure out how to do this. The network has tons of rules including no drugs and no squeeze pages. But I was able to send them right to my marijuana squeeze page. And I did it without violating their Terms of Service. Weird, huh?

Fortunately, you won’t have to figure out all the tricks. I’ll show you everything.

Myth #4 – People are about as likely to share a post about anal itch as one about smoking pot.

Not anymore. Every post I make on Facebook gets shared, sometimes hundreds of times. Think about this: I post my squeeze page and the link not only gets seen by my fans, but hundreds of them share it. Often, they will encourage their friends to sign up. They are also eager to share the Amazon products that I promote.

It’s crazy. Crazy good.

Myth #5 – Nobody will opt in to a list about pot. It’s like opting in to the Terrorist Watch List.

As they say on Mythbusters: Busted. First of all, people are just way more willing to opt in than I thought they would be. The stigma and fear is just not there.

However, I also found the key to pushing opt ins into the stratosphere. It’s simple and, get this, I don’t even give anything away. No “ethical bribe.” No incentive. Nothing. Yet I am getting 83.9% opt ins!


OK, now that we have those myths out of the way,
you are probably REALLY wondering why in the hell
I don’t just keep this stuff to myself
and keep raking in the cash.

Here’s why:


This is not some microniche where I’m worried about someone swiping my golden keyword.

This is a huge industry experiencing exponential growth, and it is WIDE OPEN.

There are NO huge corporations to compete with. NO major brands. There are only a handful of what I would consider real authority sites.

Yet analysts predict that within a few years, the marijuana industry will be at least as big as the beer and wine industry.

The opportunities are just mind blowing.

It doesn’t make sense to go it alone.

I’m currently developing my own marijuana info products, and I’m working with creators of some outstanding existing products who don’t even have affiliate programs. I need affiliates, and there just aren’t many of them out there.

I’m also looking for quality products to promote. I’m looking for other marketers to mastermind with. I want to develop a community of marketers, working together to dominate this niche.

And I’m inviting you to become a part of that community.


The one crucial thing that you must understand to be successful in this niche.

Module 1: Organic Traffic
-My simple method for getting high quality backlinks that are great for SEO and also bring highly targeted direct traffic.
-Easily make entertaining videos that are perfect for this niche and provide powerful backlinks.
-Content that takes minutes to create and will bring a storm of organic backlinks.

Module 2: Legal Loophole
-My secret loophole for advertising marijuana on any ad network, regardless of their terms of service.
-The exact ads that I use to get 1-3 cents clicks on Facebook.
-The advertising network I use, plus my exact bidding strategy, for getting 1+ million US banner ad displays for less than $10.

Module 3: Social Smoke
-How to setup your Facebook fan page.
-The exact posts that I’ve made that have been shared the most.
-How to create posts that will get people to share your affiliate links and opt-in forms.

Module 4: Chronic List Building
-The exact squeeze page that I use to get 83.9% opt-ins, including a complete explanation of why it works.

Module 5: MJ Monetization
-The 3 types of affiliate products that I recommend avoiding at all costs, even though they are popular in this niche.
-My top direct affiliate programs, including a site that sells “art” water pipes that go for over $1,000.
-My spreadsheet of the top 250 marijuana products on Amazon, with detailed information on price, number of reviews, and average rating.
-The secret PPC ad network that is all marijuana, all the time.

Bonus 1 – Lifetime access to my 420 Mastermind Facebook Group
This is a great way to interact with other marketers active in this niche, get help, exchange ideas, find products to promote and potential lucrative JV deals.

Bonus 2 – Live Training
This training will include:
-Targeting the crucial demographic and using the site that’s more popular than Facebook among this group.
-Advanced Marijuana SEO
-Building automated sites that suck in traffic
-And much more
(Yes, there will be a replay if you can’t make the live event.)

Bonus 3 – Azon Attitude Adjustment
You might be thinking that you can’t sell as an Amazon affiliate because you live in a “banned state.” No problem. I’ve got you covered.

And if you’re not already selling a lot of products on Amazon, you might be aware that beginning sellers start at a measly 4% commission. Once again, I’ve got you covered.

In Azon Attitude Adjusment 2.0, I show you a simple 8-minute process that allows you to sell from banned states, plus gives you a commission boost of up to 57%. You won’t believe how easy this is.

My 60 Day 200% Money Back Guarantee

Yes, I said 200%.  If you implement what I teach you in Chronic Revenue and are not making a profit within 60 days, I will give you a 200% refund. That’s how confident I am that this will work for you.


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